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Fall Leaves Lacquer Bento Box with Lid

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Enjoy your meal tonight. Sure in today's fast paced world it typically takes longer to prepare a meal than to "gobble it up" - but not TONIGHT! Slow down, enjoy the cooking and decorating and then take time out to sit at the table and talk about the day, the weather maybe even your dreams for the future. If you're dining on your own, you still deserve to take time to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Treat yourself right with our exquisite gold speckled brown lacquer bento with leaves that shine like gold. The 3-piece set includes a cover, compartments & base. Dress up any simple meal at your table tonight. Add a short vase with a simple flower and dinner is more special.

Easy bento dishes include orange slices or fruit in one box, rice, main entree and vegetable. Eat less and get more out of your meal. Add chopsticks and eat a little slower savoring each bite and juicy conversation.

* Not intended for microwave use.