Soshina ( So-Sheena) Japanese Home Store emerged out of the love and adoration felt for my beloved, mother-in-law known to many as "Nana". Soshina Japanese Home Store sells items only made in Japan. We miss Nana every day and the store first opened online in 2006 just a few months after Nana passed away as an outlet for me to deal with the grief of losing her. That purpose grew into continuing to introduce the Japanese heritage and customs to our children as their Nana woud have done for them. For me it was a way to learn how to cook her favorite meals, use the products she depended on in the kitchen and add unique Japanese made products like windchimes, chawans, tea pots called Tokonamae, decorative iron tetsubins with built-in stainless steel tea infusers and much more. Soshina means, small gift. I was so very lucky to have Nana as a mother-in-law. She was kind, loving and treated me like her daughter. I could not have wished for a better person to help me as I became a mom of my own. The gift of having her in my life is one I will treasure forever and while I wish we could have had more time together, this store all these years has helped me learn so much about life and family. While I used to ship worldwide and that was very exciting, at this time, I am only shipping within the United States. Thank you for coming to the shop and I look forward to shipping your order.